The Coda Pendant - Who gets to wear it?

The coda sign CodaSignin music signifies the concluding passage of a musical composition - in other words - the end. Maybe you just completed a piece of art or a tough semester at school or a move, or anything you've completed. Whatever you're ending, you now deserve to wear the Coda Pendantâ„¢! Congratulations! Wear it with pride.


Sterling Silver Coda Pendant - $85.00 The Coda Pendantâ„¢ Sterling Silver - $85 plus $3 shipping and handling.
Sterling Silver temporarily out of stock

The Coda Pendantâ„¢ Silver Plated - $30 plus $3 shipping and handling.


Who IS wearing the Coda Pendant?

Tracy Newman

Tracy Newman and Coda Penddant

Creator/Producer "According To Jim,"
Emmy-winning writer/producer "Ellen,"
now full-time singer-songwriter

Andrea Ross-Greene

Andrea Ross-Greene and the Coda Pendant

Singer-songwriter and photographer


Jule Michel Rotenberg Armstrong

Jule Michel Rotenberg Armstrong and the Coda Pendant


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